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About Us

Mission: Providing the world with affordable and chemical free insect repellent clothes.

Haltair is a company founded by people that are mosquito magnets. We hate getting bit by mosquitoes and we’re not fans of applying chemicals, like DEET, that are used to repel biting flies. Our clothes are inspired by zebras and their stripes, which are a visual repellent to mosquitoes, horse flies, tsetse flies, sand flies, black flies, and other blood sucking flies.

Skeptical? We were too, at first. Check out our How It Works page for the science and history behind why zebra stripes are a biting fly repellent. Maximum coverage is best with zebra stripes. We don't sell short sleeved shirts, shorts, or skirts because maximum stripe coverage is best for preventing bites. 

The folks at Haltair also want to make our world a better place, so check out Your Impact page to learn more about where your money goes when you buy any of our clothes. 

We've named our designs after two species of zebra; Grevy's zebra, the largest zebra species, and the mountain zebra. Both designs are equally effective at repelling biting flies, the only difference is which style you prefer. In the photo below, Tim and Wendall are wearing the Grevy's Zebra Guards and Emily is wearing the Mountain Zebra Guard at 9 months pregnant!